10+ years experience

  • Pre-Production (strategy, storyboarding, locations, script writing)

  • Video Editing (up to date codecs, standards, and practices)

  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci, Vegas, and more.

  • Professional Grade LED Lighting

  • Launch & Promotion

Ace of Hearts – Frozen in Time (Alpharad Productions)

Film Editor

Butthole Surfers Promo (Stern Entertainment)

Trailer Editor

Smart Mouth – Favorite Float (TableCakes Productions)

Editor  /  EFX

The Bridal Party – Title Slide (Sloan/Deaton)


“Sit Down Darling, Let’s Talk Design” – with Eleanor Schrader & Ian Partick

(Filming, Editing,  EFX)

The Happy Buttons – Werewolf of Paris (Official Music Video)


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